Private Lessons

30 Minute Private Lesson $40.00
Series of Five 30 Minute Private Lessons $185.00
40 Minute Semi-private Lesson (2 people) $70.00
Series of Five 40 Minute Semi-Private Lessons $325.00

To schedule an Appointment Please call one of our Teaching Professionals


Arboretum Club Teaching Professionals

Geoff Tollefson - Certified PGA Professional


Geoff has been an instructor of the golf swing for about ten years. His experience ranges from teaching juniors, women, and low handicappers. Geoff teaches a philosophy of swinging as a natural movement that is unique to each individual. His goal when instructing students is to keep the steps for improvement simple enough for the student to understand and work on as they progress with their skills. His knowledge of the swing comes from the PGA of America through the Professional Golf Management Program in which he has worked with top instructors from sections all over the United States.  He is also a PGA National Adjunct Faculty Member.

Call Geoff Tollefson at (847) 913-1112 Ext. 107